LEA OTOMAN corner set

Kategorie: Corner sofa sets



Set dimension: 254x164cm


Lea is a modern furniture set designed to meet multiple function needs. Functional dimensions 254x164cm that do not take up a lot of space, is suitable for smaller living spaces, smaller living rooms or as an extra bed or a set in the bedrooms. The set itself also has the function of occasional sleep with backrests not fixed to the set. When folding the sofa into a sleeping position, the space below the seat opens and space has the function of a crate, which can be used as a storage for bedding. In terms of cleaning function, high-leg sets make it easier to maintain the space in which it is located. The furniture is made on the base of a wooden structure, which is connected in the seat by corrugated springs that give it comfort. The design of the set is designed to form a whole line of curves that meet the broad needs of the user. It comes in vibrant colors and different patterns, structured and teakwood textures, which give it the look of a cheerful piece of wide-ranging furniture!